Below-par EPC ratings could cost the average homeowner over £40k

Posted on Monday, December 18, 2023

Energy efficiency has once again been brought into sharp focus among homeowners and house hunters as increasingly wintery weather sees temperatures drop.

More than 11 million homeowners across the UK would consider paying more for a property that has an EPC rating of C or above, according to research from

80% of those surveyed would consider paying more for a home with an EPC rating of C or above, with homeowners saying they would pay 15% more, on average, for a property with a higher rating.

Based on the average UK house price, this means that Brits are willing to pay a staggering £43,000 more, on average, for a home that is more energy efficient.

A property’s EPC rating essentially identifies how energy-efficient a building is. Every time a property is built, sold or rented in England and Wales an accredited assessor must carry out an EPC rating report giving detailed information about the property’s energy efficiency and emissions.

A third (32%) of homeowners say a recently renewed EPC of C or above is an important feature when buying. Yet, concerningly, a quarter (24%) say they are worried their property’s EPC rating will stop them from being able to sell their home.

To help homeowners this Winter, has created a first aid kit to help homeowners winter-proof their property and make the nation’s homes more energy efficient.

Dave Palmer, technical officer at commented: “Homeowners who are selling their property with an EPC rating lower than C are ultimately losing out on a significant amount of money. Our research shows that energy efficiency is an important consideration when buying a new property, yet just 41% of homes in England have an EPC rating of C or above according to Open Property Group.

“Here at MyGlazing, we want to help homeowners, landlords and tenants reduce the amount of money being spent on heat energy that’s ultimately escaping from draughty homes!

"To give you an example, windows and doors are just one of the many areas of the home which are accessed as part of an EPC rating report and almost all windows here in the UK are not up to current standard, and up to 24% of a home’s heat energy is lost through old, draughty windows. This is a considerable amount of money quite literally being thrown out the window!”

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