Conveyancing Association wants tough leasehold reform

Posted on Sunday, December 3, 2017

The trade body made the proposals in its response to a Government consultation on leasehold reform.

The CA says: “Legislation should be created requiring that reasonable fees are charged with a limit on the services so that new ones are not simply invented as is currently the case.”

The trade body recommends a menu of charges should be set by the Secretary of State and reviewed biennially in line with the RPI.

The CA also suggests that leasehold service providers should also be made to deliver administrative services within five working days of being paid or refund their fees.

The association is also in favour of lease administrators that charge fees to be registered with a “fit for purpose” redress scheme.

The CA has also called for more money for Trading Standards Offices to better enforce current rules and take action against rogue landlords and agents.

Conveyancing Association director of delivery Beth Rudolf says: “Leasehold has been one of, if not the, defining issue for the housing market in 2017 and this consultation provides us with the opportunity to change it for the better.

“There are a large number of vested interests in this sector who would very much like to maintain the status quo; it is therefore incumbent on everyone to back these proposals and to ensure that the Government is able to deliver real change in this area and create a positive experience for all stakeholders.”

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