Front door trends for 2022

Posted on Monday, March 7, 2022

Kerb appeal, the art of making the outside of your home more appealing to potential buyers, often starts with the front door. Changing the colour or styling of your front door can make a huge change to the appearance of your home and its saleability.

To help homeowners renovate throughout 2022, the team at Mercury Glazing Supplies Ltd have revealed the most popular front door styles and colours from the past year, from internal sales data.

The research revealed that the Sherbourne design was the most popular front door of the past 12 months, consisting of four panels with no glass panels. Throughout 2021, solid front doors have been more popular than ever before.

James Dean, spokesperson for Mercury, said: “Throughout 2021 and entering 2022, we have seen designs such as the Sherbourne become increasingly popular. Solid front doors can offer a more sophisticated and modern exterior whilst providing an added sense of privacy.”

With many people spending more time working from home and within the same four walls through 2021, research shows a shift away from open plan living, with dedicated spaces for work and other activities starting to trend. This partitioning of space for separate activities could be influencing door design choices - the popularity of private closed spaces mirrors the increasing interest in private, solid door designs.

If you’re looking for more privacy but want more light to enter your hallway, the second most popular choice, the Oxford, is a similar design to the Sherbourne, but with slimline horizontal glass panels incorporated into the design.

Climbing four places, the Oxford 2 door design, consisting of five panels and no glass panels, has seen the largest increase in ranking of any door type in 2021.

The Purton door design became one of the most popular doors ordered in 2021, entering the top ten for the first time. This style consists of a vertical, short rectangle glass panel with vertical grooves on the door.

Overall, the most popular colour is Anthracite Grey. This solid, deep grey, appears black in certain lights but is slightly softer. Dark hues of grey have become increasingly fashionable in recent years, with dark grey radiators, kitchen cupboards, and feature walls springing up in place of lighter creams and whites that have dominated interior trends for decades.

Six of the top colours for 2021 were grey, with other greys in the top ten including Textured Anthracite, Antique Grey, Black Grey, Anthracite Grey, and Slate Grey.

James adds: “Neutral colours such as greys and blacks can increase interest in your property if you ever come to sell it. These colours are often more appealing, being simplistic and modern. Brighter colours make a stronger statement, which is very personal to the individual. Some buyers may struggle to imagine themselves living in a property with a distinctive colour scheme.”

Following the variety of greys in the top ten was Black in second, Obsidian Black in sixth and Textured Black in tenth. These colours are a similar hue, but Obsidian presents a slight metallic gloss.

The colour black is a fantastic statement for your front door, which accents the front of the property and draws your eye to it. The popularity of this colour is likely down to its adaptability. Black is a strong colour that gives a sense of power and luxury but is also as neutral as white, so can be easily combined with existing colour schemes. One of the most notable black front doors in the UK is that of No.10 Downing Street.

Steel-blue featured at ninth, with this metallic blue colour contrasting the top choices of greys and blacks. It has the same modern appearance as grey or black, but with a splash of colour.

The ten most popular front door colours going into 2022:

  1. Anthracite Grey – solid
  2. Black – solid
  3. Textured Anthracite – solid
  4. Antique Grey – metallic
  5. Black Grey – metallic
  6. Obsidian Black – metallic
  7. Anthracite Grey – solid
  8. Slate Grey – metallic
  9. Steel Blue – metallic
  10. Textured Black - solid

James concludes: “Changing your front door has a huge impact on the appearance of your property. Combined with new windows, your home can be transformed into a much more modern property or have a far more vintage and Victorian feel.”



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