Grow your own!

Posted on Monday, August 6, 2018

Grow your own!

It has long been known that us Brits are a green fingered nation but, according to new research, many families are fully embracing the outdoors and experimenting with home-grown foods.

According to a recent survey of 1,009 UK homeowners carried out by household appliances retailer,, revealed that more than half (52%) of Brits have grown their own fruit or vegetables in their garden.

Tomatoes are the most popular homegrown food, as almost 87% of those who have harvested their own fruit or veg say they have enjoyed these from their own vegetable patch.

Potatoes follow in second place, with 79% of green fingered Brits having grown their own spuds. Peas (73%), strawberries (61%), radishes (59%) complete the top five home-grown foods.

When quizzed on why Brits opt to grow their own food, respondents cite having fun with their family as the number one reason for doing so – 55% of those surveyed say this is the case.

Almost a third say (32%) they find growing fruit and veg is cheaper and that’s why they choose to do it, while 29% cite making healthier choices as their main motive.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at comments: “It’s fascinating to see just how many Britons are trying their hand at growing their own fruit and vegetables in the garden.

It’s a fact that the fresher fruit and vegetables are, the better they are for you, so there’s no denying the health benefits of home-grown fruit and veg but as our research shows, it’s also a fun activity for all of the family to enjoy as well as being very cost friendly.

Those who are yet to try harvesting their own fruit and veg need not worry about space either - many plants do well in containers and pots, which can be positioned to sit on sunny, sheltered terraces (the conditions most veg plants like best) – so no need to worry about building an allotment in your back garden.”

According to the survey, those living in the Bristol are the keenest home growers, with 41% of locals claiming to harvest their own fruit and veg.

Plymouth residents are the least likely to experiment with crops in their garden, just 13% have produced their own home-grown foods.


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