Half of Brits will pay a premium for a ready-to-move-into home

Posted on Thursday, October 5, 2017


New research has found that 48% of Britons’ would pay a premium to be able to move in to a property immediately without having to do any renovation or replacement work.

According to a study of 2,000 UK adults by BetterBathrooms.com, homebuyers are willing to increase their property buying budget by an extra 14% on average for rooms and fitted furnishings they want to keep, rather than replace.

Rooms with desirable fitted furniture and appliances were also the rooms taken into highest consideration when purchasing a property, with 43% admitting a kitchen in good condition is top of their property wish lists.

A well-presented bathroom was also regarded as important by a third (33%), with tiles and plumbed-in appliances being too time consuming to fit and replace.

27% rated a large outdoor space or garden as high priority on property search checklists, providing extra living space when the Great British weather permits.

One in six (16%) also listed a garage as an important factor while one in ten (11%) said they would be looking for attic space, showing storage and spill-over space is a top priority when purchasing a new home.

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