How to make the most of a small garden

Posted on Saturday, September 7, 2019

35% of Brits describe their garden as small, but tiny gardens can easily be easily transformed to look full-of-life with clever arrangements, the right plants and simple accessories.

Tiger Sheds, the shed and log cabin retailer, have revealed six quick tricks that those with a smaller garden could use to make their outdoor space seem bigger than it actually is.

Create reflections

Introducing a mirror or a reflective surface into your garden will give the illusion that the space is much bigger than it is, while also adding a unique touch to your sanctuary. Getting the correct positioning of the reflective surface is key. If it is reflecting plants, furniture and ornaments then this trick will work wonders and give the illusion of more space.


Having a range of different sized plants will make your garden look more visually appealing and disguise the fact that it's small. Small trees and hanging baskets are great for this and choosing climbing plants, wall shrubs and other plants that grow horizontally will make your space seem taller.

Create levels

To give the appearance of a larger space, arrange plant pots in size order next to the walls or fences. Get an obelisk frame for climbing plants or three-tier plant stands to give the garden a creative and industrial look. Create a small decking area to add levels to your space.

Choose the right building

Although it can be easy to hone-in on what looks like the biggest and best shed or summer house, it’s important to ensure that the building you choose is a good fit for your garden. If it’s too big it can dominate, while if it’s too small you may struggle for storage space. It’s all about finding that perfect harmony in your garden. Similarly, the natural touch of wood can be a better blend for a more eco-friendly feel, while metal often works for a harder, more industrial look.

Get the most out of your shed/summer house

Turn your shed or summer house into a nice space for late-night dinner parties by introducing furniture to it. Adding plants and candles to the space can create a relaxing vibe and make it a hit with guests. Introducing a ‘green roof’ to your shed by planting flowers and greenery on top will attract wildlife and give your garden a natural and relaxing feel. This works best on ‘pent’ sheds that have a flatter roof rather than those with a triangular ‘apex’ style roof, although it is possible on both.

Bring in some colour

Adding a splash of colour to your space can be an effective way to create the illusion of space. Painting plant pots or household items like watering cans also adds a quirky style to your green area. If you don’t have grass then adding coloured stones or flags will help to bring the area to life. Adding a range of exotic and colourful flowers and plants will also be inviting for insects and animals.

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