Incorporating mindfulness and well-being into your home

Posted on Saturday, September 22, 2018

Between juggling work, family and social commitments, there’s no denying life can be hectic. So much so, that the UK is becoming more conscious of ways to better it’s mindfulness and wellbeing. Over the last ten years, Brits’ interest in wellbeing has increased by 151%¹, while the interest in mindfulness has increased by a whopping 900%.

This means creating a living space that not only meets physical needs, but also benefits health and wellbeing too, is more important than ever.

Create a peaceful sanctuary to relax and recharge in, with these handy tips from Rebecca Snowdon, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice.

The perfect colour palette

A simple but effective way to create a relaxing environment is by decorating with a calming colour palette.

Rebecca says: “Try to avoid drastic colour changes from room to room, instead keep the tones consistent in order to achieve a well balanced, calm flow throughout your space.

If you’re green fingered and love to stay in tune with nature, earthy tones such as sage, beige and taupe are ideal choices. Other alternatives include greys, light blues and purples or if you prefer bold colours, incorporate a splash of bright shades against neutral tones.

Personal accessories

If you think about it, it’s logical really, you’re bound to feel more relaxed in an environment that feels like your own. So be sure to display personal accessories that mean something to you, such as souvenirs, homemade trinkets and gifts.

Other effective accessory options are those that add to the mood and help you shut off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. “Be sure to decorate smart,” says Rebecca. “Go with accessories that will easily switch up the feeling of the room, such as aroma diffusers or scented candles, for a handy pick-me up at the end of a long day. Pair with cushions and throws for the perfect cosy feeling.”

Mood lighting

Nothing sets a mood like lighting. If you ensure your home has access to many light sources, there won’t be a feeling you can’t induce. “Use large windows and french doors to bring in natural light, for those days you need some encouragement to get up and go” says Rebecca. “Place candles and lamps around the space to bring a soft, warm tone when you’re ready to come home and relax.”

Tempting textures

When using neutral tones, it’s easy for a space to appear big and empty. Fill up the space with inviting textures such as plush sofas, soft blankets and fluffy faux fur rugs.

“The perfect thing about these extra touches is that they’re cheap and easy to introduce. Not only will you set the ideal cosy tone, but your space will appear warmer,” says Rebecca. “This will make it the perfect place to disconnect, and focus on re-energising with maximum comfort.”

Natural elements

The power of nature on the mind is undeniable. It offers the serenity we’re all after at the end of a tough week. So when you live in a climate like the UK, think about how can you get those benefits without sacrificing warmth and comfort?


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