Over half of homeowners live within 15 miles of their home town

Posted on Saturday, October 14, 2017

More than half (55%) of homeowners end up buying a property within 15 miles of their home town, research from housebuilder David Wilson Homes has revealed.

Young people are more likely to live close to their home town.

Almost three in four (73%) 18-24 year olds live within 15 miles of their home town, compared to 61% of homeowners aged 25-34 and just 46% of homeowners aged 65 plus.

A David Wilson Homes spokesman said. “Living near your home town clearly plays an important role in homeowners’ property search, particularly for younger buyers.

“It’s important we understand the reasons behind this, whether it is simply familiarity with the area or other factors such as schools or transport links.

“Notably, homeowners with children live nine miles closer on average to their home town than those without, although it is not clear if homeowners actively move closer to home after having a child.”

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