Property maintenance sector recovering post-pandemic

Posted on Monday, October 10, 2022

The property maintenance trade industry is finally bouncing back after a difficult pandemic period, but still remains a long way from its pre-COVID peak, according to research by property maintenance solution provider, Help me Fix.

The current size of the UK trade market, when combining the estimated revenue of seven major sectors, is £75 billion.

Leading this strong performance is the electrician's sector, with a market size of £25.5 billion, followed by plumbers (£17 billion) and bricklayers (£12 billion).

Despite these impressive numbers, they show that the trade market has not yet fully recovered from a big pandemic hit. Overall, the market is still -9.3% down on 2019’s total value of £82bn.

The data suggest that the hardest hit sectors during the pandemic were joinery, still currently down -18.4% compared to 2019, along with bricklaying (-16.1%) and glazing (-16.1%).

However, despite not yet returning to pre-pandemic health, the market is showing signs of recovery and annually, the total value of the market is up 5.1%.

This recovery is being driven by strong annual uplifts across the roofing sector (13.6%), glazing (9.8%) and joinery (6.9%).

Ettan Bazil, CEO and Founder of Help me Fix, said: “Pandemic restrictions were particularly problematic for many tradespeople, the result of which has been a decline in total market size across the board, with some sectors seeing a far greater level of decline.

"However, it seems that a slow return to full health is now well underway and this has no doubt been helped by the current property market boom, with a surge of new homeowners helping to boost business.

"But despite promising growth, we’re still not quite out of the woods and it will be some time still before the impact of the pandemic is truly behind us."

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