What are the most common hazards being missed by buy-to-let landlords?

Posted on Monday, May 13, 2019

The latest data released by VeriSmart has found that thousands of landlords are failing to address category 1 household hazards within their rental properties.

The combined lettings inventory and property compliance firm conducted over 60,000 property inspections and reports on rental properties within the buy-to-let sector, with 4,521 of these resulting in at least one Housing Health & Safety Rating Assessment (HHSRS) per inspection with the following common issues the most prevalent.

1: Smoke detectors - worryingly, 40% of all health and safety assessments flagged either a missing or non-functional smoke detector.

2: Stairs - 26% of assessments noted a danger of falling on stairs and between or on separate levels of a house.

3: Electrical issues - Electrical issues accounted for 11% of all hazards flagged during health and safety assessments.

4: Carbon monoxide - 7% of assessments found a lack of a working carbon monoxide detector.

5: Damp and Mould - Damp and mould were flagged as a risk in 4% of properties.

6: Water - Uncovered ponds or swimming pools posed a hazard in 2% of all properties.

7: Structural integrity - The threat of structural collapse or falling elements was also an issue in 2% of all properties.

8: Fire hazards - (1%), excess cold (0.6%) and domestic hygiene (0.6%) were also an issue in a small proportion of properties.

Using a professional letting agent to let and manage your property will ensure that all safety requirements are met and provide peace of mind to both tenant and landlord.

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