Yomdel: Housing market activity ‘unseasonably high’

Posted on Tuesday, December 29, 2020

New vendor enquiries in the property market in the week ending 20 December were up 23% against last year’s figure, shows fresh research from Yomdel.

Meanwhile, new buyer enquiries were up 11% and new tenant enquiries were 17% better off than last year.

New landlord enquiries were 8% lower than this time last year.

However, when compared to last week’s figures, new vendor enquiries fell 16.5%, new buyers 6.9%, landlords 18.3% and new tenants 17.1% – a seasonal slowdown that Yomdel says is down to concerns over new coronavirus restrictions.

The data also shows that website traffic to own branded estate agent websites was up 33% on a yearly basis and live chat users up 31%.

Yomdel chief executive Andy Soloman says: “All bets may be off for the moment as regards the pandemic, Brexit, the economic outlook and sales progression logjams, but new estate agent enquiries remain strong.

“The next few weeks are going to be hugely important as we discover whether the extraordinary market this year can persist into 2021.”

“A key question is whether all pent up and future demand has been sucked into the Covid economy, or whether there is more to come as you’d usually see in January? One thing is clear, there are lots of people at home with time on their hands. As we have already seen this year, if lockdowns keep them at home they will be online and estate agents will see increased web traffic.”

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