Zoopla: Friends and amenities: What are renters willing to compromise on?

Posted on Thursday, April 11, 2019

Zoopla has revealed that when it comes to what renters aren’t willing to compromise on, nearby amenities including shops, bars and entertainment comes out on top.

According to the research of over 1,700 renters across the UK nearby amenities including shops, bars and restaurants have been crowned as the factor people are least likely to compromise on. The number of bedrooms and size of property were ranked in second and third place. These three considerations were ranked above inclusion of outside space (fourth place) and proximity to family and friends (10th place).

The top ten, from least to most likely to compromise on, are as follows

1. Nearby amenities (e.g. shops, bars, entertainment)

2. Number of bedrooms

3. Size of the property

4. Outside space (i.e. garden or balcony)

5. Distance from place of work/study

6. Price

7. Decor/furnishings

8. Proximity from transport links

9. Standard of the property (e.g. general maintenance, cleanliness)

10. Proximity to family/friends

Zoopla also found that when it comes to renters knowing where they want to move to next, only 39% of respondents know exactly the area they want to move to (and are searching exclusively there). Meanwhile, 61% remain open to considering properties in a variety of areas, suggesting an opportunity for agents to help renters discover new locations.

Annabel Dixon, spokesperson for Zoopla, comments: “Our research paints an interesting picture of renters’ priorities when looking for a new home. It may come as a surprise to discover that renters are more likely to prioritise access to local amenities over the number of bedrooms and rental price. Given that the majority of renters are open-minded on location, our research highlights an opportunity for letting agents to introduce renters to new areas that they wouldn’t have considered themselves.”

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