Zoopla: Surge in agent appreciation among vendors

Posted on Monday, February 25, 2019

New data collated from a recent survey of over 3,000 respondents by Zoopla has shown that vendors are increasingly acknowledging the insights and services agents offer.

According to the figures, 47% of vendors said picking the right estate agent, and therefore the correct price, was the biggest factor in achieving a sale on their last property.

Respondents from across the country were asked to rank what they considered to be the most important factor in securing a sale on their previous home, with only 14% referencing a price drop as a crucial influence on selling the property. In the same survey of vendors, 72% believed they had achieved a good price when selling their previous property, whilst 49% of respondents stated they would speak to three or more agents before choosing one to market their home.

The findings come at a time when Zoopla has seen a 62% increase in visits to its AgentFinder tool, a recently revamped product which helps match consumers with the most suitable agent to service their needs. Zoopla launched the refreshed version of the tool last month in the brand’s latest ‘crabvert’ which was seen by approximately 90% of ABC1 adults (equivalent to 26.3 million people). Zoopla has invested more than any other property portal in advertising over the last five years.

Charlie Bryant, Managing Director of Zoopla, commented: “Nearly half of vendors believe selecting the correct estate agent and taking their advice on listing their home at the right price was the biggest factor to securing a sale on their home. Not only are these consumers acknowledging the insights agents have offered in these instances but also have an understanding that choosing the best estate agent and correct price at the start of their property selling process is crucial.

Our Agent Finder tool, which has seen a 62% increase in visits in the last month, has recently been revamped to make the agent selection process as easy as possible for consumers. With 49% of vendors stating they would speak to three or more agents before choosing one to sell their home, agents need to ensure they have a competitive edge over their rivals. Zoopla helps agents stay ahead of the curve and provides value for money with our range of innovative tools, products and insights.”

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